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Roots Music Report
Chart of weekly Top 50 Roots Music Albums

Thanks to local and out of state DJs reporting our music on their play lists, we have enjoyed placing on the charts twice: #32 in August and #42 in November of 2009! Check it out now to see where your other favorite artists are this week.

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Whad'ya Know?
Live Performance: August 2009

We performed two songs live for NPRI's program, Whad'ya Know? when the cast and crew returned to Fairbanks, Alaska. Two things impressed us: the genuine good nature of everyone from the cast and crew of the show, and the great sound quality of The Davis Concert Hall. Thanks to all the fans who said hello afterward~we really appreciated it!

Want to hear the broadcast?
  Go to the show's site and click on Part C. You will hear our performance of "Foolish Things" and "How Things Start."

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The Ester Republic
Review: June 2009

"Things Start' is Steve Brown and the Bailers’ debut CD newly finished at 10th Planet Studios just in time for summer. Steve picked the perfect twelve tracks to put on his first full-length, professionally recorded CD. How Things Start is entirely packed with fun songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and rhythms that will leave listeners wanting more.

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Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Interview: June 2009

"Musical labels are always shapeshifting as styles and genres merge to forge something new. Fairbanks’ Steve Brown and the Bailers are also on the cusp of something new: Folkabilly."

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Online Music Review Site
Interview: May 2009

"How did your band get started and where?
Initially, it was Robin and I playing guitar and singing songs. The
whole while she was encouraging me to find my voice and be confident
using it. We played coffee houses and street festivals and eventually
our songs and vocals attracted the attention of a few local musicians.

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Links to Steve Brown and the Bailers
                        on the web:                       

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You can also hear samples of every song off 
"How Things Start"

If you use iTunes, search for
"Steve Brown and the Bailers"
to purchase the entire album or individual songs from "How Things Start"

Click here to hear archived shows from Steve Brown and the Bailers. These shows are hosted on an Alaskan server full of great shows from great Alaskan bands. Special thanks to Bob Huebert for this site.

Click here to see this week's TOP 50 Roots Country Albums. Our CD, "How Things Start" placed #32 on this chart during August and #42 during November of 2009!