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Well I wish I had a rent check

And bread for tomorrow

I’d be gone so fast

You wouldn’t see me shadow in the moon glow


And I wish I had an old Buick

And brains like my brother

I would leave no trace

You wouldn’t see me missin’ ‘til the morning


I wish I knew that stranger

Who set me up in the last town

I’d be back so soon

He wouldn’t see it coming ‘til it came down


And I wish I had a savior

To help me out in the next town

Just another safe house

To keep my picture from the paper


I wish I had a handgun

And a $20 bottle

I’d  be out on the road

Faster than a bandit in the evening


Finally got that handgun

And a $20 bottle

Now I’m out on the road

Feeling like a bandit in the evening      

  -now I’m out on the street

  faster than a bandit in the evening…