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Just A Little Luck

Robin, hop in the truck

Cause we ain’t got time to waste

Jill’s called us from a real tight spot—

    been in jail the last three days


Hopin’ we can find us an ATM

Withdraw a couple hundred bucks

Post her bail, have her home by five—

    with just a little luck.


Her old man drove down to Delta

Been outta town nearly a week

She must got bored, went drinkin’ with friends

    at least that’s what I think--


She must’a seen the girl that she cussed at the fair

Knocked her straight to the ground

The next thing she knew, she lost her front tooth

   while the crowd gathered ‘round


          She’ll prob’ly need to borrow your sweatshirt

          I brought along an extra pair of shoes

          She just said things got kinda’ rowdy that night

          And a girl like her don’t need no excuse…