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This is a photo album from some of the band's performances from 2007 through 2011. 
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Special thanks to Dana for many of these pics.

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December 9, 2011: UAF Pub. The band was in fine form as we enjoyed a gracious crowd and a packed dance floor with some curious moves.

Courtesy of Kristen Sullivan

April 15, 2011: UAF Pub. Another great night at the Pub!. Here is a shot of Travis on drums, Alex on mandolin, and Todd on bass. This shot was taken by photographer Keith Darkchilde and later used by Patrick Sanders when designing the album art for THINGS CHANGE

Courtesy of Keith Darkchilde

April 13, 2011: KUAC 89.9 FM Alaska Live. Host, Lori Neufeld, invited us to perform our songs on her radio show. The event was also filmed for use on Alaska One TV. View the trailer for the show by clicking HERE.

Courtesy of KUAC

FEBRUARY 11, 2011: UAF PUB Showcase. 
Our photographer friend, Sam Harrel, caught the band in action with some folks on the dance floor. Check out that hair in motion! Our lineup includes Travis Burrows on drums, Dave on guitar, Alex on lap steel, Todd on bass, and Robin and I on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Courtesy of Sam Harrel

JUNE 12, 2010: Fourth Annual Chickenstock Festival. Robin, Todd, Dave, Andy King (drums), and I appeared for the third time at Chickenstock! The folks from 
Chicken were very good to us. In fact, they helped us catch a ride in a twin engine plane! The stage gets fancier each year too.

Courtesy of Bob Huebert

MARCH 2010: St. Patty's Day Concert at the Blue Loon. Kliff, Robin, Todd, Steve, Dave and Alex in the booty cages at 15 degrees above zero. It was a great night to play tunes and eat cabbage and corned beef. The Skid Marks played a great opening set.

Photo by Sandra Denick

NOVEMBER 2009: Bearfoot Concert. Alex, Robin, Steve, Todd, and Kliff moments before performing at the UAF Davis Concert Hall. Steve Brown and the Bailers were invited to open for Bearfoot and play for a packed auditorium that has wonderful sound quality. Alex recorded slide and lap steel on muliple songs for our album, How Things Start. This night he played mandolin and lap steel.

One of our first shows with Alex Clarke

JUNE 2009: Chickenstock Music Festival. We had so much fun last time that we jumped at the chance when we were invited to play the festival again. Sam Harrel took this shot of us playing on the old mining truck. There were a few light showers, so the staff covered the stage with a bright yellow cover. Kliff and his drums sit on a second truck. Josea and the entire Chickenstock crew work so hard to make this festival better each year, and it really shows! Can't wait for next year.

One of our first shots with Dave Parks on guitar.

Courtesy of Sam Harrell

MARCH 2009:
 Album Photoshoot. Here is a great shot of Matt, me, Kliff, Robin, and Todd standing around the coal stove at The Eagle Saloon in Ester, Alaska. Monique Musick took this shot and used it when she designed our CD. She is a talented artist from Ester.

Photo by Monique Musick

SEPTEMBER 2008: Ester Li-Berry Event. This is one of our first shows with Kliff on drums and percussion. The band was invited to play the stage at the Blue Loon for an Ester library fundraiser.  Robin, Todd, and I had been playing with Eric for a while by this time, and the four of us really put on a show when Kliff sat in. Luckily for us, Kliff agreed to come back and play additional shows over the next year. Eventually, he would add drums to every song recorded on our first album less than a year later.


JULY 2008: Brian/Lorien Bday Extravaganza. Potato guns, obstacle course, mud wrestling.... and all of this on 4th of July weekend!! Our song "Mississippi Mud" took on a whole new meaning since this event...

Phil Cassel on mandolin

Courtesy of Adrian Rizzolo

JUNE 2008: Chickenstock Music Festival. This was my first trip to the remote town of Chicken, Alaska. We were  invited to play at the second annual Chickenstock Music Festival where the stage is an old mining truck. As the picture shows, the weather was fantastic and we had plenty of time to explore the tiny saloon, the nearby river, and a well-preserved Gold Dredge. Check out Chickenstock on the web, and make plans to go next June. You won't be disappointed!

Robin and I are accompanied by Matt Johnson on mandolin, Beth Chrisman on fiddle, and Phil Cassel on upright bass.


FEBRUARY 9th, 2008 (EVENING): UAF Pub. One of my favorite early shots of the SBATB. Dan Ison really inspired us as musicians, and he made us play better than we ever had before. Dan left this world way too soon, and he is missed very badly by many of us who had the opportunity to know him as a great friend and musician. This shot was taken at the UAF PUB in Febuary of 2008, only 9 weeks before Dan was gone.


FEBRUARY 9th, 2008 (NOON): L'assiette De Pomegranate. The start of the 2008 Yukon Quest in downtown Fairbanks brought along a lot of tourists and race fans. We started off this Saturday playing for both in a cozy downtown cafe. 

Photo by Jennyleighbee

 College Coffee House. This is Todd, Robin, and me at College Coffee House in Fairbanks. This is one of our first shows as a three-piece, and Todd probably just got the upright bass. Notice the "Medusa" mic stand I tried for a few shows. It was a little too top heavy and Todd's son almost pulled it over before we grabbed it mid-song.


JUNE 2007: Fairbanks Summer Folk Festival. Ahhh, our humble origins: just Robin and I playing a few original and cover songs at the Fairbanks Summer Folk Festival. This stage is an extension built off the gazebo in Pioneer Park. Like most folk festival activites, the stage construction, CD sales table, etc is all handled by volunteers who do it for the love of local music. This attitude and passion is why we consider ourselves fortunate to be a Fairbanks band.