~~~~REVIEWS for our 2009 album,  HOW THINGS START~~~~

"Acoustic Accents" internet radio show: Tok, ALASKA

 We were selected for "Acoustic Accents: Baker's Dozen 2009"
  “How Things Start” A terrific debut from another great Alaska band.  Steve Brown and the Bailers have put together a solid set of songs with lots of musical flavors.  It’s hard to pin down a genre but whatever it is, I like it.
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"They are Steve Brown and the Bailers and they have a fine new record out called “How Things Start”.  Their music has been described as “folkabilly” by some and features acoustic guitars, mandolin, upright bass, and percussion.  The songs on the record also have a tasteful blend of banjo, fiddle, dobro, and electric guitar.   Steve does all the writing and he and Robin Feinman handle the vocals.  All the songs are radio/FCC friendly and I’ve found several that easily fit in my playlist.  The band recently had the good fortune to appear on Michael Fieldman’s “Whad’ya Know?” and is a crowd favorite at festivals up here in Alaska. Give ‘em a listen folks – you’ll be glad you did!"
~host Bud Johnson
Visit his station's site at http://www.acousticaccents.net/
Listen to "Acoustic Accents" -on KUAC Friday's 9-11pm <Alaska time> -stream at www.kuac.org
                                              -on KNBA Saturday's at 9pm <Alaska time> -stream at www.knba.org
                                              -on KTNA Sunday's at 2pm <Alaska time> -stream at www.ktna.org

"Amarillo Highway" show on KZMU: Moab, UTAH
"Great original hillbilly music that will put a smile on your feet and a buzz in your head. I give this one a solid A."
~host Professor Purple
Visit his station's site at www.kzmu.org
Listen to "Amarilo Highway" -streaming Sunday evenings from 2-5pm <Mountain Time> at www.kzmu.org (Noon-3 PM Alaska Time)

"Swing Boogie" show on KKUP: Cupertino, CALIFORNIA (Silicon Valley).

"[The album] is a great amalgam of country, bluegrass, and folk. The musicianship is high caliber, backed by good vocals."
~host Deadwood Dick
Visit his website and link to KKUP at http://www.deadwooddick.com/  (unable to stream KKUP at this time)

How Things Start Album Review from AltCountry Forum: NETHERLANDS
Below are excerpts from our album review translated to English from the original Dutch:
"The drive of the five exhibits spread of exceptional class. The compositions are of excellent quality and inimitable. The voices of Steve and Robin are beautifully woven together in each song. Whether influenced by Steve Earle [in songs like] "Just A Little Luck" [...] "Mississippi Mud," [or] rustic moments in "You've Got Everything," [...] "Blindfold", [these songs] are just a splashing of the songs off the silver disc. The perfect examples of the folkabilly of Steve Brown and The Bailer is "Hell To Pay" and "Addicted." Both are exciting songs [that] spotlight Todd Denick (bass). [The album]  also held open space to relax and jam and go to your roof. [...] If you've heard the CD once, it is extremely difficult to let go yet again.
Follow this link for AltCountry Forum's e-magazine: http://www.altcountryforum.nl)
~Johan Schoenmakers (reviewer)

How Things Start Album Review from Rootsville.be: Belgium
Below are excerpts from our album review translated to English from the original Dutch:
"Their debut album "How Things Start" is certainly a hit and with just a little luck and help from, among others, Rootsville.be, Steve Brown & the Bailer [will be] on this side of the ocean now close eye and ear kept. In addition, the company from Alaska to all the songs written by Steve Brown (except "Virginia Rose" - words & music by Steve Brown & Todd Denick) appeal to a number of guests (Danny Berberich / banjo, dobro, Rachel De Temple / fiddle Alex Clarke / lap steel, Eric Graves / Greta Myerchin and dobro / vocals) who still have their share of the successful folk / country / rockabilly cake may claim. [...] Steve Brown & the Bailers [...] automatically belong to a mandatory matter for your good musical preferably this week."
Follow this link for Rootsville's e-magazine: http://www.rootsville.be/
~Freddy and Michel (Rootsville team reviewers)

"the Back Porch" on 88.1 WVPE: Elkhart, INDIANA
'The Bailers have spiked the punch bowel of Bluegrass with "How Things Start"!'
~host Norm Mast
Visit his station's site at www.wvpe.org
Listen to "the Back Porch" -streaming Sunday evenings from 7-11pm <Central Time> at www.wvpe.org/listen/ (4-8 PM Alaska Time)

"General Eclectic" on WCVF-FM: Fredonia, NEW YORK
'Alaska's Steve Brown and the Bailers
 call their "How Things Start" CD "folkabilly"'
- acoustic country/folk/Americana with a rhythmic kick."

~host Tom Bingham
Visit his Twitter site at http://twitter.com/mason2042
Listen to "General Ecletic" -streaming Fridays 10 AM-noon <Eastern Time> at http://www.fredoniaradio.com/wcvf (5-7 AM Alaska TIme)